January 2014 Real Good Music Touring News Letter and New Artist Signing Announcment


Hello everyone, here is our “SPRING ONWARD 2014 & 2015” Touring Newsletter with touring updates for “last minute” special open dates needed for specific bands, as well as a general & specific look ahead to “upcoming touring” plans & needs.

We  also are happy to announce a brand new Artist Signing for 2014 of the dynamic new Irish trio “Socks in the Frying Pan 2014 winners of Irish Music AwardsBest New Band!

Our website at www.rgmbooking.com has complete information for all bands as well as a News section with updates about the full RGM roster!




Shane and Fiachra Hayes and Aodan Coyne comprise the Irish trio from County Claire known as Socks in the Frying Pan. When I first saw their live video the first few things that came into my mind were the word “Engaging”, next was a vision of a Celtic/Irish Crosby, Stills and Nash, and next was.....when can I hear the full CD? I wanted to see if they were as good right through a full length CD as they were in the couple of live videos I had just seen.


I can honestly say that the CD was even better, if that was even possible. Three strong vocalists, nice presentation, excellent choice in songs.....and doing it all with accordion, fiddle/banjo and guitar. No tricks, no large band to hide the talent....just three guys laying it all out there with incredible harmonies and a performance that “wows” from a quiet ballad to a bold and energetic tune!


I must not have been the only one impressed with “Socks” for not more than a month after I signed the band to our roster the Irish Music Awards folks voted them Best New Band!


So, four years into gigging around the west of Ireland and with the CD just released last November at Ennis Trad Festival they are already on their way to heading across the pond to “knock our socks off”!


Check them out on our website at www.rgmbooking.com.






We always have dates needed on shorter than average notice, quality pick up dates you will do quite well with, at a good fee deal. Here is some coming soon. Please call me for specific routing ideas and deals that might work for you.


GIRSA: Based in NY open weekend dates winter/spring. Special Note: March 1, 2, 14, 16, 17.

MOYA BRENNAN TRIO: April 5-10 open routing w/possible flights (bookings in Atlanta/Midwest)

RUNA: Key dates: Feb 28, March 2.






Baka Beyond will be touring in 2014, summer/fall, August Canadian dates already booked for Canmore Folk Festival and Edmonton folk festival. Open to tour July 18 to Aug 1, and Aug 11-24.


Also open dates in September/October 2014 and tours TBA in 2015.


FullSet has bookings and holds summer/fall 2014 and can book on routing now. Open dates are:

July 28, 29, Aug 4-7, 11-16, 18-21, and 25-31. Possible dates in September as well. Band has Feb/March 2015 bookings already, taking dates around those. FullSet is on tour this Feb/March!


Girsa is open all summer of 2014, and fall/winter weekend dates presenting in their new formats as a 5-6 member band. Touring weekend dates spring 2015.


Goitse is touring various times summer/fall 2014 and accepting bookings now, new larger band format available for some summer dates. Call for details! Goitse is on tour this Feb/March!


Grainne Holland Band is touring summer/fall 2014 and spring 2015! ( New addition to Roster ) She is bringing her trio out this mid-August with wonderful music and a strong teaching program.


Note: We did a signing announcement last summer/fall, take a look at Grainne on our website!


Manran has specific dates and holds for summer/fall 2014, booked in August at Milwaukee Irish Fest, open winter/spring 2015. Fantastic first tours this last Aug/Sept!


Moya Brennan will be touring her special Irish Christmas Tour again in Nov/Dec 2014. She also tours her duo/trio, Voices and Harps, and the full Moya Brennan band. Call for these tour dates and offers for 2014/2015 timeframes.


Old Blind Dogs is touring Feb/March 2015 ( booked already in AZ, CA, IA and WY ) and may do

Some limited August 2014 dates. A fan favorite back on tour in North America....finally!


Runa w/Dave Curley is open all year in most all areas, as they are based in the US. We have them this summer/fall 2014 already in RI, MA, AZ, CA, IA, IL, NY & Canada. Call for specific open dates. The band will be open winter/spring 2015 onward as well. Check out our News section, Runa has been “in the news” quite a bit with many award nominations and new videos!


Slide touring tba, the band is limited to very short tour periods and fly ins for specific events! The band just came out with a great new CD called “Mendicity” and performed last summer and fall for Dublin and Michigan Irish Festivals!


Socks in the Frying Pan touring from June onward for 2014 and winter/spring 2015. We have offers/bookings and interest in the Midwest and West already. ( Newest addition to the Roster )


Tannahill Weavers is touring summer/fall 2014 and early and late spring 2015! Bookings in the East and Midwest already, plans for Southeastern tour around these dates. Target dates are Sept 18-Oct 13, 2014 and Feb 12-March 15, 2015. These dates are open to revision as offers come in.


Teada is touring summer/fall 2014, we have bookings in MI July 19/20 ( this will be the start of the summer tour ), and booked in Canada Aug 4-10, open to tour July, Aug and early Sept 2014, and Spring 2015.


The Outside Track is touring summer/fall 2014 and spring 2015 ( New addition to Roster ).


We have bookings in March 2015 in WV, OH, & WY, and plans for Feb March in the west and elsewhere. Note: We did a signing notice last fall....check them out on our website!


IRISH CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA WILL BE OUT ON THEIR 10TH XMAS TOUR IN NOV/DEC 2014. Special guests to be announced! Bookings already in CA, VT, MA and KS. This tour is produced by Oisin Mac Diarmada of Teada.


We will have TWO Christmas programs touring again this year....both were great successes this past 2013! They are very separate in style from each other and each bring a different focus, flavor and feel to the Irish Holiday traditions for North America touring!


MOYA BRENNAN CHRISTMAS after a successful premier tour of the US for the holidays this past year we are pleased to bring the program back in November/December 2014. The star singer of Clannad is a special treat indeed at Christmastime!



As mentioned before, we can often change plans, times to tour, areas of North America, etc as new offers come in and tours options change….so do contact me to see what may open up or can be accommodated for your needs!


I look forward to hearing from all of you soon…..


Our website at www.rgmbooking.com has a new user friendly updated “All Bands Tour Dates” section that allows you to view bookings by a month to month format. Check it out. It is something intended to make it easier for you to spot specific bands touring and routings in area for the RGM roster. We try to update often, but check direct to me if any question about a specific booking and timeframe!




All the best, Patrick Garrett,

Real Good Music agency


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