Heron Valley

Heron ValleyHeron Valley are an energy fueled five piece band, deeply rooted in the traditions of Scotland. Their style sees traditional Scottish pipe tunes played with a modern twist, paired with a varied set of traditional and contemporary folk songs. Their live performances are full of excitement and fire, and not to be missed!

BlackHeronLogo.pngThe lineup consists of:

  • Abigail Pryde - Fiddle/Vocals
  • Keith Morrison - Keys
  • Alastair MacLean - Whistles/Bagpipes
  • Callum Cronin - Bass/Guitar
  • Nick Hamilton - Banjo/Guitar 


Johnny Walley at Folk Music Radio was ‘particularly impressed by the structure of their set, building up the energy incrementally in a series of waves, taking the audience along with them every step of the way.’

‘The energy in the room was unmatched and Heron Valley gave us one hell of a show’ - Kitty Hoynes

Their technical ability is beyond good, and everything gels together into a natural-sounding maturity that belies their years’- Gordon Potter Living tradition