RUNA'S 4th Album "Current Affairs" Released

RUNA'S eagerly awaited 4th Album "Current Affairs" has been released.

From the album notes:

Irish music and culture in America has always been a two-way street, moving music and musicians back and forth across the watery main. Philadelphia’s Irish-American roots band, RUNA, embodies this movement with their new album, Current Affairs, drawing equal inspiration from both the deep and ancient roots of the Celtic tradition and the modern reality of the Irish in America. On Current Affairs, RUNA, draw from their own family history, the stories of the Irish in America, old songs from the Old World, and Americana and bluegrass influences. With members hailing from three countries (USA, Canada, Ireland), it makes sense that they’d spread their nets as far as possible to pull in these very different influences, but what’s surprising is how well the album meshes together. That’s a testament to the vision of RUNA and to the ties that bind the Irish on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bill Margeson at the "Irish American News" writes:

"A great album from RUNA. Entitled, Current Affairs, it shows the band at its current best. And, that best is mighty good. The band’s personnel is an international gumbo of an Irish group. It’s a quintet, and it’s terrific, blending wonderful vocals with really exciting instrumentals. This is their fourth album, and it includes a full variety of tempos, timings and fresh approaches to the auld’ music. Runa is young, fresh and exciting. Extremely high level of creativity meets a really high level of musicianship and understanding of the tradition. We love Runa. Get this CD!!"


RUNA - "Current Affairs" Official Album Trailer - 2014

Available at CDBaby, iTunes, other online outlets, and of course at their live shows.