Ruaile Buaile

"High Energy Ground Thumping Celtic Beats"

Ruaile Buaile are a dynamic 4-piece band playing their unique style, infused with up-beat Irish folk. They are a young band from the midlands of Ireland. All aged in their early twenties, In the few short years since they formed Ruaile Buaile, Niall Kelly, Arthur Stones, Jack Godley and Shane Lynam, have gone from being considered a highly thought-of young local act, to being a wanted band the length and breadth of Ireland. And not only Ireland, as it happens. The lads have also taken their brand of high-energy Celtic you-name-it-they've-got-it style of music to many countries in Europe, as well as the United States, and even the Middle Ea

It sometimes happens that way in music. But not very often. They have played before 90,000 people at Kansas City Irish Fest, travelled extensively through all corners of the States, Entertained crowds in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Wales and this coming year have a huge summer tour to the states and early 2018 sees them embark on a tour through Asia. Back home in Ireland, they are encouraging young musicians to play, and enjoy traditional Irish and folk music which has been in major decline. They recently were invited to the Dáil to perform with some of Irelands leading talent in order to claim a quota of Irish Music  to be played on our national broadcasting stations. In between all this they have supported and played alongside some of Irelands top entertainers such as, Nathan Carter,( Who they recently supported in the INEC in Killarney for New Years eve), Sharon Shannon, De Dannan, Stocktons Wing, Solas, We banjo 3, Damian Dempsey, John Sheehan, Moxie and many more.


Ruaile Bualie's debut album, ‘Commotion', signalled a major transitional point on the band's career map, as they changed from being just a group whose gig everyone wanted to be at, to being that group who everyone wanted to be able to hear whenever they wanted to! 'Commotion' made that happen. Their gigs were still usually standing-room only affairs, but now the sound of their 'commotion' was coming from car-windows, house parties, pub jukeboxes, personal playlists, and anywhere else you can think of!

In the midst of all that madness (and in spite of a very serious accident which kept Arthur out of action - almost for good - for quite some time!), the lads found time to record their second album, 'This Very Moment'. From a small start to the world stage in only a few short years Ruaile Buaile are set to become a household name on the festival scene around the world with their own style of high-energy, ground-thumping, celtic beats. Combined with a little Irish charm and flare, these four young award-winning musicians are setting the pace for some of the better known established acts to follow.