Cecil Corbel

Cecile Corbel...

...a red-haired Celt from Brittany with a voice that hovers somewhere between Kate Bush, the purity of Sinead O'Connor and the mysticism of Enya and you'll have a good idea what this young harpist sounds like.

Cecile belongs to the new generation of European folkies in the sense that she is happy to take crusty old folk standards and reinvent them for a 21st-century audience. Her unique harp technique and her appealing young voice reveal a world encompassing ancient poems, original compositions, Celtic tunes and Mediterranean melodies.

Following the path of prestigious musicians such as Alan Stivell, the young Breton composer and singer now performs her Celtic and world music with her musicians in France and all over the world.
                    She takes you for a trip out of a time.
source: Syndey Morning Herald Review

website:  www.cecile-corbel.com/en/home.html